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I’ve worked in corporate America for 20-plus years, and when I interviewed for the position of publisher back in 2017, what drew me to Harvest House was hearing about how the company was founded, the importance of keeping its legacy alive, and its core values. Two values that stood out to me were “Foster a company environment in which every person is highly valued and appreciated,” and “Build teamwork through individual humility.”

I love working with our authors and the members on our team. The opportunity to serve them on a daily basis and to see them succeed gives me a lot of satisfaction. Harvest House values author partnerships, and we want our authors to know we are here for them, cheering them on and doing all that we can to support them. Our authors are more than just business associates; they are family to us. 

Sherrie Slopianka, Publisher/VP of Business Development. Since 2017


I am motivated every day by knowing that I work for a company that strives to take care of their employees in every sense of the word. I work hard for Harvest House because the company works hard taking care of me. I am blessed to be able to call the team I work with friends. 

Marcia Beard, Print Buyer. Since 2005

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