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Risen Motherhood
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Release Date: September 2019
Page Count: 224
Size: 6 x 8
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7369-7622-0
Case Lot Quantity: 28

Risen Motherhood

Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

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Motherhood is hard. In a world of five-step lists and silver-bullet solutions to become perfect parents, mothers are burdened with mixed messages about who they are and what choices they should make. If you feel pulled between high-fives and hard words, with culture’s solutions only raising more questions, you’re not alone.

But there is hope. 

You might think that Scripture doesn’t have much to say about the food you make for breakfast, how you view your postpartum body, or what school choice you make for your children, but a deeper look reveals that the Bible provides the framework for finding answers to your specific questions about modern motherhood.

Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler help you understand and apply the gospel to common issues moms face so you can connect your Sunday morning faith to the Monday morning tantrum.

Discover how closely the gospel connects with today’s motherhood. Join Emily and Laura as they walk through the redemptive story and reveal how the gospel applies to your everyday life, bringing hope, freedom, and joy in every area of motherhood.

Meet the authors

Emily Jensen

Emily Jensen

Emily A. Jensen is an author, a podcaster, and the cofounder and content director of Risen Motherhood. Emily’s first book (coauthored with her podcast partner and sister-in-law, Laura Wifler), Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments, has sold over 100,000 copies. Emily lives in Ames, Iowa, with her husband and their five children. 

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Laura Wifler

Laura Wifler

Laura Wifler is the cofounder and Executive Director of Risen Motherhood. She cohosts the popular Risen Motherhood podcast and is the coauthor of the bestselling book of the same name. She is also the author of Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer. Laura lives in central Iowa with her husband and three children.   

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12/20/20 Kurwa


Risen Motherhood is worth reading because it reminds you to return to the Gospel in everything. While this book is written for mothers, it reaches beyond that audience simply because the Gospel is for everyone. For me, I felt challenged, convicted, encouraged, and affirmed in my beliefs as I read through the book. I would encourage all mothers to read this book. And I encourage everyone (not just moms) to read Chapter 13: The Gospel and Our Christian Community.

09/08/19 Taylor Hoag


Such a powerful and relatable delivery of the the beautiful gospel message. Christ is magnified through the Risen Motherhood ministry. I pray that many women will get to read this book and be transformed by it’s message. Thank you so much for this book, Emily & Laura. I have truly been blessed by it. I am recommending this book to every mom I know. This is one to be read over and over again through the years.

09/05/19 Kiley Hanje


Oh man, everything Risen Motherhood creates is so good, and this is no exception every page points my heart to worship my Creator. They take every aspect of motherhood, from the sermingly small and mundane to things that feel huge, and walk through creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. Reading this book has changed my perspective and helped me see everything through a Gospel lense.

If you’re a mom, buy it. If you know a mom, buy it for her.

09/03/19 Jess Beck


Risen Motherhood Review
Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler is written as if you are having a discussion
with your best friend. A conversation about life, love, parenthood, and how your relationship with
God fits into all of the above and more.
Often times in motherhood, the journey can be lonely. The questions of “What is the purpose?”
and “Will this never end?” are just a couple that cross through a busy mom’s mind as she is
working day in and day out to take care of her family, frequently doing repetitive duties. Some of
these awesome moms are also working outside the home and others are taking care of a loved
one who is ill, in addition to mothering.
I love this book because Emily and Laura help point us back to God through every instance
mentioned in the book (our attitudes, our marriages, food, relationships, self care, schooling,
and more). Each chapter points us back to the Gospel story of Adam and Eve, showing how the
subject of each chapter relates to Creation, the Fall, and Redemption according to the Gospel.
There have been so many moments in my 7 years of motherhood (a few of those years as a
single mom) where I’ve just simply felt that I couldn’t go on, that I had no purpose, that there
was no purpose in the repetitive every day motions I was going through, and often wondered,
why bother?
My child, that’s why bother. Raising my daughter to love and fear the Lord is the most important
thing I’ve been put on this Earth to do. Risen Motherhood helps to point us back to that most
important work. Showing how each moment of every day and every situation is God worthy and
I hope that every person who reads this book is filled with the hope that can only be found at the
feet of Jesus. That every person who is at the end of their rope in parenting can have the peace
that passes all understanding wash over them as they read this book and apply it to their
individual needs and lives. That each weary soul will reach out for Jesus and cling to him as
they start and complete each day of raising their kids while cleaning the house, working their
job, caring for their ill family member, running errands, working the side hustle, or remembering
to take a moment for themselves.
We can be a Risen Motherhood through the grace of Christ Jesus.

09/03/19 Sweetcross


Risen Motherhood is worth reading because it reminds you to return to the Gospel in everything. While this book is written for mothers, it reaches beyond that audience simply because the Gospel is for everyone. For me, I felt challenged, convicted, encouraged, and affirmed in my beliefs as I read through the book. I would encourage all mothers to read this book. And I encourage everyone (not just moms) to read Chapter 13: The Gospel and Our Christian Community.

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“Parenting is often the crucible in which we learn what we can and cannot control. Laura and Emily remind us that while we cannot control people or circumstances, we can control our perspective. They offer us a framework for motherhood that transcends time and culture but that also faithfully addresses us in the here and now. I'm thankful for this hope-filled book.”
Jen Wilkin,director of classes and curriculum, The Village Church, and author of Women of the Word,None like Him, and In His Image

“Reading Risen Motherhood is like enjoying a long conversation with two girlfriends who will make you laugh out loud, comfort your tears, and faithfully speak life-giving words of truth to your soul. With wisdom and insight, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler help moms connect the story line of Scripture to the daily realities of motherhood. This book is one every mom should read—I can’t wait to share it with others!”
Melissa Kruger, director of women’s content for The Gospel Coalition and the author of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood

“Emily and Laura are the best friends I wish I'd had during the difficult days of early motherhood, when my patience wore thin, my boredom loomed large, and my sense of worth and purpose became muddled. The wisdom they have to offer in the pages of this book is seasoned and scriptural.”
Nancy Guthrie, author, Bible teacher, and ongoing pursuer of risen motherhood

Risen Motherhood points us to the Source and Sustainer of resurrection vitality and life that weary mamas so desperately need. Its pages are Word-saturated, helping us to think biblically about how the gospel applies to the majestic and the mundane moments of motherhood."
Karen Hodge, board chair of Risen Motherhood, coordinator of women’s ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and coauthor of Transformed and Life-Giving Leadership

“Emily and Laura want you to know the gospel so intimately that it sinks deep into your mind and heart and transforms every tiny corner of your life. These two moms are wonderful traveling companions—they know the heat of the moment, the temptations that come with deep trials, and the unexpected pain of Legos underfoot. Let their life-giving words point you to Christ and remind you that the light of the Son has dawned and that you walk in the warmth of a risen motherhood.”
Abigail Dodds, author of (A)Typical Woman, blogger and regular contributor at Desiring God

“This wonderful book offers deep sympathy and understanding to those who face the stress and challenges of motherhood. It also provides moms with a clear vision of their profound purpose and the hope they need to live vibrantly and meaningfully within this divine role. I highly recommend this book.”
Sally Clarkson, bestselling author and host of the At Home with Sally podcast

“Admittedly, I am not exactly the core audience for Risen Motherhood—the ministry or the book. That said, I always keep my ear to the ground for ministries I can grow to trust and then recommend to others. I’m delighted to say that for as long as I’ve followed Emily’s and Laura’s work I have benefitted from it. Even better, I have seen many Christian moms I know and love read their website, listen to their podcast, and grow through it. I’m thankful they’ve now added this book to the many channels through which they serve God by serving his people.”
Tim Challies, bestselling author and popular blogger and book reviewer

Risen Motherhood delivers practical and present wisdom, anchored to timeless biblical truth. In Risen Motherhood, moms find empathy, encouragement, and the reminder that true hope for moms is through the transforming work of the gospel, alone.”
Ruth Chou Simons, bestselling author of GraceLaced and Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship

“It’s easy to find friends who are quick to offer their opinion and advice. But it’s rare to have friends who will point you back to the truth of the gospel of Jesus. Reading Risen Motherhood is like sitting down with those rare friends who offer truth—with grace and love—as you navigate the exhausting journey of parenting in this opinion-ridden culture.”
Jerrad Lopes, founder of DadTired.com and author of Dad Tired…and Loving It

“If you are looking for practical tips on mothering and how-tos, this is not the book for you. But if you need to be refreshed and reminded that what Jesus accomplished on the cross and the grace available to us is sufficient for our daily mothering needs, you’ve come to the right place. Risen Motherhood will inspire you toward Bible reading, rest in the Savior, and joy—shored up by gospel truth—for the little years.
Trillia Newbell, author of Sacred Endurance, If God Is For Us, and God’s Very Good Idea

“With Risen Motherhood, Emily and Laura offer us practical and theological insights on the nature of a mother’s work and soul. This gem of a book explores how God is using sippy cups and play dates for His greater purposes. So come, read, and learn—not just how to rock the cradle but how to trust the One who rules the world.”
Hannah Anderson, author of Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul

“This book is a breath of eternally fresh air. It's not another how-to-mother manual, but a beautiful explanation of very, very good news for every mom.”
Quina Aragon, spoken word artist and author of Love Made: A Story of God's Overflowing, Creative Heart

“How does a Christian mom carry out her labors in raising children? By grace through faith in her crucified and risen Savior. The goal of Risen Motherhood ministry is to boldly announce and clearly explain the gospel of Jesus Christ—there's no better news for moms than this. I'm praying this book will strengthen weary hearts and fuel joyful worship of our risen Lord as moms flip through its pages.”
Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

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