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Dock Tok Presents…The Good, the Dad, and the Punny
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Release Date: October 2023
Page Count: 192
Size: 6 x 7
Binding: Perfectbound
ISBN: 978-0-7369-8819-3
Case Lot Quantity: 60

Dock Tok Presents…The Good, the Dad, and the Punny

Jokes from the Water’s Edge

From the online sensation comes this family-friendly collection of gloriously groan-inducing dad jokes, delivered straight from the dock and directly to your funny bone.

Nobody does dad jokes better than the guys from Dock Tok, TikTok’s #1 home for the wackiest one-liners, funniest puns, and most priceless plays on words you’ve ever heard. But you don’t need to go online to find the best of these clever quips—they’re right here in this book!

Still not hooked? Maybe these wisecracks from the water’s edge will help reel you in:              

I’m writing a book on reverse psychology.
Please don’t buy it.

I wonder what kind of doctor Dr. Pepper was.
A fizzician.

I took my cat’s meds.
Don’t ask meow.

Get The Good, the Dad, and the Punny for your friends and family. After all, who doesn’t love a good dad pun? No one . . . and that’s no joke!

Meet the author

Logan Lisle

Logan Lisle is the creator of the hugely popular Dock Tok channel (more than 2 million followers) on TikTok. When he’s not sitting by the lake sipping coffee and trading dad jokes with his buddies, he can be found at weddings all over the world as a sought-after videographer or in the bike shop...

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